America’s Dream Coach, Marcia Wieder says this about her elite             Master Coach Anne Palmer …

“I am awed by Anne’s depth, wisdom and ability to plug into her inner knowing in profound ways. She is committed to living a purposeful life, with authenticity and grace. No doubt, however you engage with Anne, it will yield greater clarity for you, your organization and your relationships.

                                                 – Marcia Wieder, Founder, Dream University


World-class speaker and trainer David Wood refers to Anne as a …

“Beacon of light” [and]… as comfortable, genuine and caring when speaking to thousands as she is one-on-one.”

“As an international trainer of trainers, speakers and presenters, I rarely encounter the natural talent, ability presence and charisma that Anne Palmer exudes every time she steps on the stage. She is as comfortable, genuine and caring when speaking to thousands as she is one-on-one.
The way I describe Anne is a beacon of light who impacts the lives of every person she encounters, whether on stage, through her CD’s, on Television or standing in a line up at the grocery store or walking down the street”                   – David Wood,


Bill Mayer, author of The Magic in Asking the Right Questions, says it best … “Anne is magnificent!”

To be a great coach you need to ask the right questions and be a compassionate listener. Anne has mastered both these skills. It is no coincidence, that those who are blessed to be mentored by Anne, have joyfully created quantum transformations in their personal and business lives!”                                  – Bill Mayer, author, “The Magic in Asking the Right Questions”


Breath Expert, Nicholas Pratley says this about Anne’s gift …

The vibrational frequency of her voice heals aligns and connects you to who you really are …  Anne is A-list, world class … Extraordinary! 

Few people in the world today have Anne’s unique gift to speak. The effortless delivery of her words opens your heart, motivates and inspires you. The vibrational frequency of her voice is healing.  Simply being in her presence brings you into alignment and connects you to who you really are so you then have a foundation to manifest your dreams.  Anne is A-list, world class … Extraordinary!

         — Nicholas Pratley, Breath Expert & Founder of


Anne Palmer is a remarkable and unique person who uses her Gifts to bring out the best in others. She is an outstanding coach, and speaker whose wisdom comes from her heart and touches the soul of others. I am thankful that she has touched my life and you will be too”.

– Erline Belton, CEO Lyceum Group, Author of “A Journey that Matters”, Boston, Mass

“Anne encourages me to see my truths while honoring myself as she coaches me through the process. She masterfully guides me and provides me with the tools I need to anchor myself in my core values so I can be the ‘designer of my life’!

– Paul Interval, Master Hair Artist, New York City

“Anne has a unique ability to see through unspoken beliefs and limiting behavior that people and organizations lack and provide them with key insights to help them transcend obstacles thus empowering them to soar and take flight.”

– Christine Regan Lake CEO Redlake Marketing, Hudson Valley, New York

Anne guides me in what I consider to be a Crème de la Crème coaching experience. Her velvet-like voice is gentle yet her message and mentoring is firm – challenging me to take control of my life. Becoming a well-respected actress is one of my life long dreams. I am performing again, after 33 years of not being on stage.”

– Rhonda Oliver

“Coaching with Anne is like having a safe, secure support net holding you. She lovingly encourages you to bring out the best in yourself. She has a laser-like ability to help you get to what is blocking you and then comes back at you with honesty in an amazingly humanitarian way. Anne helped me find the courage that I wasn’t quite sure I had. If you want results … If you are ready to shift your life for the better … You’ll get where you want to go with Anne guiding you. She simply helps you get it done!

– Lauren S.

“Anne is a delicious combination of a confident and caring coach.  With he I feel heard and challenged to expand and evolve.  She inspires me to continually seek my authentic self and to speak my truth with compassion.  I know I am a strong, compassionate, successful woman because Anne guides me to be just that.”

– Vickie M, Joshua Tree, California