Anne Palmer — Transformational Speaker



Anne Palmer inspires audiences to unleash their creative juices.  She imparts heartfelt wisdom that motivates each attendee. Communicating important messages in meaningful ways is an art, and Anne is an artist when she speaks. She has an authentic, charismatic style that captivates and powerfully engages audiences. Her poised presence, captivating smile and soulful insights make her one of the most eagerly sought out speakers today.

“ A Beacon of light”… as comfortable, genuine and caring when speaking to thousands as she is one-on-one.”

                            – says world-class speaker and trainer David Wood about Anne



It is extraordinary how Anne taps into her inner knowing, and shares her wisdom to inspire change in all those who are in her company. Her messages resonate with and encourage audiences to: Visualize promise and possibilities; Build beliefs that are boundlessand Reclaim joy.

Presentations – Workshops – Keynotes

  • Emerge With Clarity — Evolve With Ease: Simple Strategies for Success
  • Transforming Team Talent:  Inspiring Vision … Empowering People 
  • Dawn of a New Day:  A Fresh Approach to Collaborative Thinking

During these inspiring and interactive talks participants are equipped with simple practices to help them shift the way they view their gifts and talents.  Anne’s messages are customized and can be tailored as Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, Full-Day Seminars, Week-Long Trainings or Exclusive Retreat Experiences.

The vibrational frequency of her voice heals aligns and connects you to who you really are …  Anne is A-list, world class … Extraordinary! 

— says Breath Expert, Nicholas Pratley,


Anne’s talks are sprinkled with wisdom she learned on her journey to live joyfully instead of judgmentally. Her presence captivates, her voice compels, and her heartfelt wisdom inspires audiences to take action with crystal clear clarity and claim their power with a sense of calm. Audiences find her candid approach authentic and endearing – she leaves an indelible mark!

“Anne is magnificent!”

                    —  says Bill Mayer, author of The Magic in Asking the Right Questions

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Why is the phenomenon of the Gifted Trap — challenges gifted and talented adults face — rarely talked about openly?

Frankly, when you are blatantly talented, you are “expected” to be successful.  After all you have been “gifted” with all the ingredients it takes to have it all.   Right? … Not necessarily.

As children the “gifted” ones are singled out and offered the support they need to achieve success.  As adults that support system disappears … unless you are lucky enough to find a mentor to guide you and help you live into your greatness.

 The Gifted Trap experience is about choosing and implementing a new way of being.  You simply “choose” a new path.

What are the pathways that lead a gifted and talented person into the trap?

Three typical points of entry into the “Trap”:

1.  Pinnacle of SuccessSuccess often breeds separation and alienation.  The better you are at something the more you are envied and alienated because your greatness makes others uncomfortable.

2. Time of Transition —  Voluntary or involuntary, change is challenging.  Talented people sometimes “tap-out … top-out … age-out or forced-out” requiring them to find new ways to channel their gifts and reframe who they are in the world.

3. Point of Desperation Playing small to fit in and feel safe fosters depression and disease.   Knowing you have greatness within you, and are not living up to your potential, is painful.  Left in this state for lengthy periods, begins to manifest in the form of physical or emotional illness – a state of “Dis-Ease”.

Often gifted and talented adults are plagued with SECRET internal questions:

  • “With all this talent, why can’t I do it all – effortlessly?”
  • “ I know I am blessed. Why do I feel cursed?”
  • “My confidence is high.  Why is my self-esteem so low?”
  • “Who can I trust to tell the truth to … that won’t use it against me?”
  • “Without my title, who am I?”
  • “How much more do I need to do to be Good Enough?”

These questions propel gifted and talented adults into a constant quest for perfection. The good news is … it is possible to get out of your trap.   There IS a way to FREE YOURSELF from the trap.

I found the release valve and created the “Gifted Trap” body of work to help others find the true gifts in their giftedness, and in so doing, design a more joyful life.


  • What are the indicators that a person is caught in the Gifted Trap?
  • There are ‘mainstream” programs for gifted and talented children, what options are there for the gifted and talented adults?
  • What makes the Gifted Trap experience unique?