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Anne’s masterful manual, The Gifted TrapTM, is a compelling playbook that breaks down, spells out and offers success strategies to help you manage the challenging opponents and hurdles of perceptions, beliefs and judgment that we all must manage in order to win in the game called life.

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The Gifted TrapTM is a revealing exploration into the world of gifted and talented adults who are living “less than” lives. It brings into focus a widely-experienced yet rarely-talked-about-phenomenon of people trapped in emotional quicksand. You may be hidden behind a perfect (or possibly a not-so-perfect) facade, longing for a sense of freedom that allows you to simply BE YOU.

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Written from the heart of a multi-talented daughter of a Tuskegee Airman, born into a family of trailblazers and high-achievers, Anne felt she had big shoes to fill.  She lived a trapped existence holding herself back with tentative reins, as do many children from gifted families. Until she took a leap of faith, stepped out saying YES without knowing HOW; only KNOWING that wings would be grown as she began to SOAR.

Along her journey she encountered real people from all walks of life, struggling with self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. Many shared how at times they “play small”, or “live scared” fearful of alienation and abandonment.  They sometimes self-sabotage or settle for mediocrity rather than reach their full potential. Often they have feelings of “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t matter,” or simply wonder how to live up to, and into expectations that result from three influencers that can limit and trap you emotionally. These perceptions, beliefs, and judgments (PB&Js®) that are imposed on you by others or yourself have the power to control your life.  Either you learn to manage them, or they will manage you.

This eye-opening book illuminates a new perspective. As Anne shares her truth, you’re inspired to “realize, with your real eyes — the eyes of your soul® – how to step unapologetically into your greatness, leave your legacy, and E.M.E.R.G.E. from gifted to great!


“The Gifted TrapTM….offers you an opportunity to give the world notice who you choose to emerge to be.  A profound orator, gifted speaker, anointed and blessed teacher and trainer, Anne gives you nuggets, tools, systems and knowledge that will inspire you, encourage you and give you that piece of hope and understanding that we all look for ….  Truly one of my favorite people.”

Lisa Nichols — Global Transformational Speaker / CEO, Motivating the Masses



Internationally recognized author and speaker, Anne Palmer, is a clarity expert as well as a leadership and communication strategist to gifted and talented adults.  The former Emmy-Award winning talk show host, corporate spokesperson and non-profit executive now uses the gifts of her voice, sage-like intuitive wisdom and mentoring skills to transform those she touches. 

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