The Gifted Trap…E.M.E.R.G.E. From Gifted To Great
to top rankings in three (3) categories.
Thanks to many friends, family and followers we claimed greatness as an
 Amazon #1 BESTSELLER!

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Lesson we learned was that truly…
Anything Is Possible!
That was the theme of our November 1st blog
We applied the principles that we shared on that blog.

We had a
S- Strategy that was well thought out.We were
O – Organized in our approach.We stayed in
A – Action—Focused, Intentional Action.And we achieved the
R –Results we aimed for successfully.
We SOARed because so many of you supported the effort.
THANK YOU … for believing in this work.
THANK YOU … for coming out in force to support the book (and me).
THANK YOU … for celebrating this huge WIN with us!
Now we take time to express our heartfelt
to all the friends, family and followers that
helped make our dream come true.
The season of Thanksgiving is upon us and we want YOU to know how much
We, at The Palmer Group, value YOU!
Our focus shifts to how can we best serve YOU!
If there is a question about emotional entrapment,  want to know how to
liberate yourself from feelings of:
being stuck,not being good enough, worthy enough
Or simply want to know how to cross your finish line with NO REGRETS,
just pose your question on The Gifted Trap FaceBook page
I will personally respond to you and answer your question.
Until our next exchange…
Take Loving Care!